Capital Raising

No transaction can be completed without the required capital input.

SCC has an extensive network of capital providers across the financial spectrum, from commercial banks to alternative funders, private equity operations of varying scope, high net worth individuals, investment holding companies, mezzanine funders, growth capital funders, through to trade financiers and more.

We work with our clients to determine what the most appropriate capital raising channel will be and prepare and present the required information and funding pitch accordingly.

SCC will manage and drive the process from end-to-end and ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Private Equity

SCC has well-established relationships with quality players across the private equity spectrum.

This enables us to quickly identify the most suitable and best-fit private equity investors and partners for our clients where that is required.

All of these potential investors have been carefully screened and have proven track records of integrity and success.

Joint Ventures

Oftentimes the JV is an over-looked yet most appropriate structure in the early stages of a new venture between potential future partners.

Negotiating and structuring these is a real strength of Succession Capital’s, drawing on our own commercial experiences, legal expertise and financial acumen.

Our inherent sense of fairness, along with the ingrained belief that any business relationship that is not ultimately mutually beneficial is doomed to fail, guides in crafting these JV’s for the best outcome for all parties.

Succession Capital has a long and distinguished track record of conceptualising, negotiating, structuring and expediting JV’s.


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